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Nikon F3 HP Limited SN: L9514815


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Serial number: L9514815
Shutter speed: A, B, 8s-1 / 2000s
・ Nikon body cap
・ Nikon Instruction Manual
・ NIkon exclusive outer box
・ Nikon DK-2 Rubber Eye Cup
・ Nikon exclusive strap


The accuracy of the shutter shifting is unknown.
In visual confirmation, there is almost no problem.
Winding rewinding is working.
The accuracy of the exposure meter is unknown, but it reacts to light.
The viewfinder lamp can also be turned on.
A feeling of use is hardly seen and is in a beautiful state.
It is in a beautiful state with almost no dust.
It is in a beautiful state with almost no scratches.

Product Status: A / Beauty