Nikon F3HP + MD-4 SN: 1536924


Nikon F3HP + MD-4 SN: 1536924
Product condition D
Serial Number: 1536924
Shutter speed/Aperture A,X,T,B,8s-1/2000s


-Body cap

-MOTOR DRIVE: MD-4 (SN, 103107/Operation OK)


The self-timer and winding/rewinding are operating.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed.


Scratches, paint coating damage can be seen.
There is a dent on the viewfinder.


Dust are mixed in, and it is slightly haze.
There is no corrosion on the prism, and it is almost clear when you look into it.

Light seal:

No problem.

Comment Finder: DE-3
Screen: K type
Product ID 20646178