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Nikon F3P(Press) SN: 9020641


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Manufacturer: Nikon
Product name: F3P (press)
Commodity condition: C / average item
Serial: 9020641
Shutter speed/Aperture A,X,T,B,8s-1/2000s

・Body cap

Operation contents:
Shutter and winding/rewinding are operating.
We have confirmed the shift of the shutter speed and the operation of the exposure meter, but the accuracy is unknown.

There are scratches, dirt, and paint peeling.
The exposure compensation sticker is raised and the button below is missing.

There is abrasion, dust, and faint haze.
There is no corrosion on the prism, and it is almost clear when you look into it.

Light Seals:
Deterioration due to aging can be seen.

Comment "DE-5"
Screen: K type

Product ID 20644200