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Nikon F6 SN: 0024460


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Nikon F6 body
Commodity condition C / Normal
Serial Number: 0024460
Shutter speed/Aperture B,X250,30s-1/8000s


-Body cap


The operation has been confirmed.
Continuous shooting, self-timer, winding and rewinding are operating.
You can operate each button and dial smoothly.
We have confirmed the shift of the shutter speed and the operation of the exposure meter.


There are no noticeable scratches and dirt, and it is in a beautiful state with little usability.
There is no liquid leakage or missing characters on the liquid crystal.


 There is a slight dust mixture.
There is no corrosion on the prism.
The liquid crystal display inside is also displayed without liquid leakage or missing characters.

Light seal:

No problem.

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