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Nikon S3 Limited SN: 301189 + NIKKOR-S 50mm F1.4 SN: 211159


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This is an Olympic reprint version of 2000 limited edition
Until SLR cameras become mainstream
This is a highly acclaimed camera that has been used by many photographers.
This reproduction model is
Nikon S3 released in March 1958
The limited edition has been reproduced as faithfully as possible.
It is one with a product that tickles ownership.

The serial number of the main unit is 301189.
The shutter speed is T, B, 1-1 / 1000.
The lens with
It is "Nikon NIKKOR-S 50mm F1.4".
Nikon S mount wide-angle lens.
The serial number of the lens is 211159.
The aperture is 1.4-16.

The accessories are as follows.
·Outer case
・ Makeup box
・ Nikon 50mm lens hood
・ Nikon front lens cap
・ Lens filter (MARUMI 43mm MC-UV)
・ Leather case (with box)


It will be confirmed operation.
Shutter operates at full speed, but for visual confirmation
The accuracy will be unknown.
Winding / rewinding, self-timer, aperture blade,
Focus dial, counter, work.
Although there are very few scratches, it will be a very beautiful product overall.
Bright frame display is good.
It is in a state where double image matching can be performed.
It is in a beautiful state visually.
Slightly mixed with dust can be confirmed by applying strong light.
Optical (lens)
It is in a beautiful state visually.
You can confirm the contamination of dust by applying strong light.

Product status: S / Same as new