Olympus Mju ii SN.5717618

Product: Olympus μ [mju:]-II


Condition:  C / Normal


Serial: 5717618


Finder: Few dust and dirt can be seen. Thin haze confirmed, and a slight mold can be seen on the edges. The visibility of the bright frame is good. Panoramic frame is barely visible. 


Lens: Fine dust and dirt can be seen. There is some coating damage on the edges, but it is generally in good condition. No mold can be seen. 


accessories -


Operation: Operation has been confirmed. The shutter, self-timer, flash, and winding / rewinding are all working. We confirmed the lighting of the AF lamp. The operation of each button can be performed good. The data back is working and the display is good. Finder switching nob id working.


Appearance: Scratches and paint peeling can be seen on the whole body. You can There are some significant sign of dropping or hit on the viewfinder.


Light-shielding material: Good


Product ID 20716011