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PENTAX 67II SN: 3759148


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 PENTAX 67II AE Penta Prism Finder
Commodity condition C / Normal
Serial Number:

Body: 3759148
Finder: 3758967

Shutter speed/Aperture A,X,B,4s-1/1000s



The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, self-timer, and winding are working.
We have confirmed the shift of the shutter speed and the operation of the exposure meter.


There are scratches, abrasions, and peeling off of the corners as a whole.
There is a scratch on the edge of the charge lever.

Please look at the photos for reference.


Dust and mold can be seen.
There is no corrosion on the prism.
The liquid crystal display inside is also displayed without liquid leakage or missing characters.

Light seal:

No problem.

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