PLAUBEL makina 67 NIKKOR 80mm F2.8 SN: 516293


Manufacturer: PLAUBEL
Product name: makina 67 / NIKKOR 80mm F2.8
Product status: C / average product
Serial: 516293
Shutter speed / aperture B, 1s-1 / 500s
2.8-22 / 5 sheets

・Front lens cap (deteriorated)
・​​Instruction manual
・Original box

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, bellows feeding, and winding are working.
The operation of each ring and aperture blade is smooth.
We have confirmed the shutter speed shift and the operation of the light meter.

There are some marks and stains on the whole.
No pinholes can be found on the bellows by visual inspection.

Optical viewfinder:
Dust contamination, slight mold, and slight haze can be seen in the viewfinder.
The field of view was slightly cloudy when I looked into it, but was able to confirm the bright frame and the double image.

There is dust and dirt mixed in.
No mold or haze are found.

Light Seals:
Aged. Sagging can be seen.

Product ID 20688920