PLAUBEL Makina 67 / NIKKOR 80mm F2.8
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number: 515120
Shutter speed/Aperture B, 1s-1/500s


Front lens cap (PLAUBEL)
・Lens hood (PLAUBEL 58mm)
・Lens filter (PLAUBEL L39UV 58mm)


The operation has been confirmed.
Shutter speed shifting, aperture operation,
There is no problem in winding.
It is energized, and the exposure meter is also responding
The accuracy is unknown.


Over time, fine abrasions and scratches due to use
It can be seen slightly. Seal mark on the back cover
You can see the trace like this. If the bellows is torn
There is none. There is a mark that the battery room was corroded,
Currently there was no problem with energizing.


When exposed to strong light, fine dust and dust,
You can also see strong spiders and mildew. There is no problem with the internal display.

Light seal:


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