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Rollei 35 T Black Tessar 40mm F3.5 SN: 6403823


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Manufacturer: Rollei
Product name: Rollei 35 T Black / Tessar 40mm F3.5
Commodity condition: C / average item
Serial: 6403823

There is a mixture of dust and dust.
The bright frame is confirmed.
It is almost clear when you look into it.

There is a mixture of dust and dust.
Wiping scratches and uneven wiping can be seen on the front lens.
There is no mold visually.


・Hand strap
・Lens cap

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
Winding and rewinding is working.
You can smoothly extend the lens, operate the diaphragm blades, and operate the buttons and dials.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed can be changed, but the accuracy is unknown.
The light meter is responding, but its accuracy is unknown.

There are marks, scratches, dirt, and rust.
There is paint peeling in some places, and there is a part where you can see the bare metal.

Shading material: N/A

The attached lens is Made by Rollei Tessar 40mm F3.5.
This is MADE BY Rollei SINGAPORE. ‥

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