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Voigtlander BESSA-R SN: 00104461


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Manufacturer Voigtlander
Product name BESSA-R
Commodity condition C / Normal
Serial Number: 00104461
Shutter speed/Aperture B, 1s-1/2000s

Accessories: -


The operation has been confirmed.
The self-timer and winding/rewinding operation have been confirmed.
We have confirmed the shift of the shutter speed and the operation of the exposure meter.


There are some abrasions and small scratches on the whole, but they are in good condition.
A transparent film is attached to the back.
You can see small scratches and slightly sticky on the rubber part on the back.

There is dust contamination as a whole.
The internal display, bright frame, and frame switching can be confirmed.
The split image was confirmed.

Light seal

No problem.

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