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Voigtlander BESSA R3A Matte Black VM(M) Mount SN: 0004963


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Manufacturer: Voigtlander
Product name: BESSA R3A Matt Black VM(M) mount
Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item
Serial: 0004963
Shutter speed/Aperture: B, 1s-1/2000s

・Body cap (Voigtlander)
・Outer case
・Instruction manual

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
Shifting the shutter speed and winding and rewinding
It is in a state where there is no problem.
The exposure is also working, and in the viewfinder
The LED also lights up firmly.

Slight scratches due to aging and use
As you can see, it is in a relatively beautiful condition.

Optics: When exposed to strong light, a small amount of dust mixed in,
haze can be seen. There is no mold.

Light Seal: 
No problem.

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