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Voigtlander COLOR SKOPAR 50mm F2.5 LTM SN. 9220377


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Manufacturer: Voigtlander
Product name :COLOR-SKOPAR 50mm F2.5 Black L39 mount
Commodity condition: B / good
Serial: 9220377
Mount L mount

・ Voigtlander lens cap
・ Unknown Rear lens cap
・ Voigtlander L → M change ring
・ Kenko filter

Operation details The operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem with the focus ring and aperture operation.
It is in a state where the distance meter can be linked.


It is in a beautiful state with relatively few abrasion and scratches,
The distance change knob has peeling paint.


There is abrasion due to use.

If you hold a strong light,
Light mold, light scratches, and mildew are seen.
FUJIFILM X-pro1 has been confirmed live-action.
There is no effect on shooting.

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