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Voigtlander SNAPSHOT SKOPAR 25mm F4 LTM SN: 9931144


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Here, the slender lens barrel looks good with a classic camera
It is the arrival of "Voigtlander SNAPSHOT-SKOPAR 25mm F4 MC".

It becomes L39 mount wide-angle lens of perfect vision system.
As it is with finder for 25mm, it is to favorite L39 mount camera
Why don't you go out for a casual snap.

The serial number is 9931144.
The aperture will be 4-22.
The number of aperture blades is 10.
Mount will be L39 mount.

The accessories are as follows.

・ Metal food


It will be confirmed operation.
For movement of helicoid and stop
No problem.
Less scratches and abrasion
It is in a beautiful state.
It is in a beautiful state.
When the strong light is held up, slight dust and contamination
A slight haze is seen in the center ball.
There is no effect on shooting.

Product management number: 20601064

Product status: B / good item