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Voigtlander ULTRON 28mm F1.9 ASPH LTM SN: 9570526


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Here is Cosina Voigtlander, a fusion of German tradition and Japanese technology
"ULTRON 28mm F1.9 ASPHERICAL 9570526".
A large-diameter wide-angle lens with an aspheric lens.
Even with a wide-angle lens, it is an open F-number of 1.9, so you can shoot with blur.
In addition, I think that it will be useful for live shooting and night snapshots by making use of the brightness.

The aperture is F1.9-22. The number of feathers will be 10 pieces.
The mount is a Leica L mount.
L / M ring is attached.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Voigtlander L / M ring (35/135)
・ Voigtlander food
・ Voigtlander Front lens cap for hood
・ Voigtlander original box


Operation has been confirmed.
Helicoids and aperture blades are also normal.
I don't know if it is exactly at infinity,
There is generally no problem as long as you check it in the viewfinder.

No noticeable scratches or abrasion are seen,
It is a beautiful state with little usability.

It is in a beautiful state.

Optics (lens):
It is in a beautiful state visually,
When exposed to strong light, dust contamination and thin haze,
You can see small wipes.

Product status: B / good