About the camera

Q. Is there a guarantee on cameras?

A. We provide a 7-day-money-back guarantee with each used camera. Please test/develop the camera with a roll of film within the 7 day warranty period. If you run into any issues please contact us immediately at mail@filmcameratokyo.com
or IG message.

Be aware that if it exceeds the warranty period, we will not accept a return if you run into camera issues in the future. 


Q. Can I use an Overseas Shipping Agency Service?

A. The camera will not be covered by the warranty if you use an Overseas Shipping Agency Service.


Q. What about the Returns & Exchanges?

A. We provide a 7-day-money-back guarantee when the camera you received doesn’t work or breaks down. We will only accept a return if it is proven to be at fault. If we have another item in stock of the same price we will consider an exchange after the initial camera arrives at our store.

* Refund doesn't include the custom duty fee.


Q. Why didn't I get a full refund?

If you paid with paypal, you get charged a currency conversion fee which is 4.5% for most currencies. This conversion fee is non-refundable through paypal. We will always send a full refund of the camera itself but paypal will end up keeping the conversion fee.


Q. Do you sell new film cameras?

A. All our cameras are used. The cameras in stock are in various condition so please read our camera descriptions carefully. 


Q. Do you sell working cameras?

A. We check the functionality of the body (shutter speed, light meter, LCD, viewfinder, film winding) And we also check the lens condition (fog, fungus, separation, scratches, dust).

Customers can see the condition at the individual product pages. We do not test cameras using film, so we recommend you to test them as soon as the product arrives to you. 


Q. Do you sell film?

A. We don’t sell film.


Q. Do you accept trade ins?

A. We do not accept trade ins. 


Q. What about the payment method?

A. We accept credit card, Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


Q. Can I cancel the order?

A.Please contact us immediately at mail@filmcameratokyo.com or IG message.


Q. Can I pick up the camera I ordered online at the Harajuku store when I travel to Japan?

A. Please contact us via email or Instagram DM.


About the shipping

Q. What about the custom duty fees?

A. You will not be charged for duties and taxes at checkout, but these charges may be applied by the destination country.

It varies by country, so please check the local custom website before the order.


Q. What about shipping cost?

A. It depends on the shipping area and weight of the baggage. We provide free shipment for order over 900USD.


Q. What about the delivery company?

A. We primarily use DHL&EMS. We will contact you if the delivery is not available.


Q. How long is the handing time?

A. The item will be shipped within 7 days, after the shipment we will send you the tracking number.


Other questions

Q. Do you buy cameras?

A. We will only buy cameras in person, in Japan. 


Q. Do you have an official store?

A. We have a store in Harajuku, Tokyo. 


Q. I couldn’t understand the product description on the website.

A. We use the automatic translation, if you need more details, please email us for English support.