Online purchase & warranty policy

All products on Film Camera Tokyo online store come with a warranty, except D rank products. You can return it to us within 7 days of the delivery date, subject to the conditions and exclusions below.
-All the products sold by Film Camera Tokyo are secondhand. Only natural malfunctions occurring within 7 days of purchase are covered under warranty.
-In a return and refund case, Film Camera Tokyo can only refund the original purchase price. (*Shipping fees and customs duties are nonrefundable.) 
-The purchase price does not include the import tax. There will be an extra import duty charged by local customs.
 -If you paid in a foreign currency, the exchange rate may affect the refund money.
-Please do your own battery preparation. Film Camera Tokyo will not put a battery in the parcel due to the security check.
Regarding our refund and return policy, if your camera encounters any issues, please bring it to our store and our staff will check it. 
If the issue is confirmed, we will process a refund.
However, if the camera had an issue before but is currently working perfectly, refunds will not be accepted. In such cases, we will return the camera to you.
Please note that refunds will only be processed if there is a confirmed issue with the camera.
*Even within the warranty period, returns are not accepted in the following cases: 1. Defects written in the description, any new scratches, dents, dust, mold, dirt, etc. during the warranty period. 2. Malfunctions and damage caused by the customer's mistakes 3. Customer or third-party repairs, adjustments, and modifications 4. Damaged by earthquake, fire, flood, etc. 5. Damaged by improper storage or care. For example, mold, rust, coating deterioration, discoloration, etc. 6. If you purchased the wrong item or if you dissatisfied the item after purchasing it and want to return it, 7. If you use an Overseas Shipping Agency Service, the camera will not be covered by the warranty. 8.After a return was initiated, the customer has not shipped the returned product out for more than 2 weeks. 9. You object to the import duties yourself and want to return the parcel.     If you have any questions, please let us know before purchasing.   mail: Instagram: @filmcameratokyo